Our treatment is not a standard product

It's always an individual offer for you

Welcome to Mit Smil Tandclinic in Helsingør. We are a high end private practice offering a wide range of dental treatments. The clinic is owned by Dentist Cecilie Clausen, who is responsible for the treatments with the Mit Smil Team.

At Mit Smil Tandclinic, we are the leader in the latest technology. We continuously invest in the best equipment, so that we can ensure you the optimum treatment. We train all of us continuously within the latest knowledge in Denmark and abroad.

We have invested in Trios, the best crown scanner on the market. It is very precise and can be used for a wide range of treatments. We use it for the manufacture of snorkels, invisalign invisible braces, bridge treatments, crowns in one day, study models of your entire dental kit. Being scanned is painless and uncomplicated and many find it a relief not to have to take prints anymore.

Cecilie Clausen graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 2003 and subsequently trained at home and abroad. She has also studied at the Queen Mary Royal School of Dentistry in London and later after her studies worked in both French and German-speaking Switzerland. Cecilie speaks fluent German, French and English and therefore the clinic receives many international patients. The interest in creating beautiful smiles and rebuilding lost chewing function started already in the study, where she researched bone transplants. Since then, Cecilie Clausen has expanded her knowledge through countless courses at home and abroad.

We have the latest technology and knowledge, so we don't have to compromise on the quality or choice of treatment.

When you visit us for the first time we will always start with a thorough examination and we record everything we see on your teeth and take X-rays. At Mit Smil, the starting point is always a thorough analysis and present dialogue about your needs as our patient. Depending on your circumstances, this may give rise to some choices.

With us, dental treatment is not a standard product, but always an individual offer for you. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date knowledge that allows us to process at three different levels.

Prolonged treatment avoiding the development of disease such as infection and caries.

The restorative treatment that also recreates lost function.

The aesthetic treatment that presupposes the first two levels, but which also aims to rebuild a beautiful smile.

With an overview of your condition and possibly economy, we can together create a treatment plan. So tell us about your dreams, so we can help you meet them.

My Smile Tandclinic offers the following types of treatments:

  • Crown in one day
  • Laser treatment
  • Implant Treatment
  • Advanced surgery
  • Appliance for snoring and sleep apneas
  • Bleaching
  • Digital bid analysis
  • 3D X-ray diagnostics
  • Invisible brase treatment with Invisalign
  • Periodontal Treatment
  • Larger reconstructions
  • Emergency treatment

    We look forward to help you.

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